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Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle has been a musician since 1966. His first instrument was the harmonica, then started playing bass at the request of his best friend. He is left handed but when he started playing, there really weren’t any well known lefty musicians out there so he learned to play right handed. Rob loves every aspect of music from performing to managing and everywhere in between. In the early 70’s, Rob had the great opportunity to work at the music hall Paramount NW in Portland Oregon where he was able to meet all of the greats. In the beginning, he was completely self taught and sought musical knowledge through self study and lessons throughout the years. He spent 20 years in the US Air Force and often played in bands during his time in service. In 1984, he was chosen to continue the pursuit of performing, with the Air Force showcase group Tops in Blue but had the opportunity cut short because of his normal Air Force commitment. Rob plays bass, harmonica, guitar, and received a recording and engineering certification from Creative Audio in Champaign Urbana Illinois in 1985. It was during that period of time that he was influenced by Mr. James Cotton a harmonica wizard. Rob is currently taking lessons on the double-bass and plans to play music till the day he dies.



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Clint Reiss

Clint is a sacramento based drummer influenced by the greats spanning across all genres. This has made him a key part in assisting with the broad spectrum arrangements that Almost Blue produces. Being able to play most songs on the spot with little to no rehearsal has made him invaluable to many bands over the years and now has found his home with Almost Blue!

Rob (Lead Guitar, Vocals, & Harmonica) and Clint (Drums) always keep a highly skilled and professional rotation of artists with them on all performances. Band will always consist of 2 guitarists, bass, drums, vocals, and harmonica. Guaranteed to bring that stylish, bluesy sound to every event!

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